About Us

An Overview

As the world is converging into a single global entity, technology is blurring the lines between geographies, services and solutions. In this era of a flat, borderless world, Baker Tilly is committed to going beyond service into value addition in the truest sense of the word. To understand not just what our customers want, but what their businesses needs; to meet not just immediate requirements, but provide long-term solutions; to being not just reactive to client needs but being proactive to solve their future challenges.

Because at Baker Tilly, we believe there's a thin line between 'delivering a service' and 'delivering value'.

Our Core Values

Partner-Driven Approach
We cater to all our clients with personalized attention and meet their business challenges with ease and finesse.

Extraordinary Client Service
Our client-centric approach is built around highly customised services through continuous innovation to deliver value to our clients. We provide support to our customers that they can rely on, encompassing all their requirements to the best of our ability. We believe in 'total client satisfaction'.

Vibrant & Long-lasting Client Relationships

Our client relationships are more than just business partnerships. We endeavor to understand the person as well as their business and build a vibrant and long-lasting relationship.

Trust, Reliability and Transparency
For a relationship to flourish, it must be based on trust, reliability and transparency - values that we hold sacred.