About Us

Baker Tilly

At Baker Tilly, we believe that there is just one way to be successful. sustainably: Extending  beyond the conventional standards of client service. We have done this repeatedly to the point that this has become our culture and an inherent part of our value system.

As a result, Baker Tilly has emerged as one of India’s leading accounting and consulting firms. Remarkably, Baker Tilly is not just one of India’s leading accounting and consulting firms but also among the most trusted names in the profession.

Why Do Clients Trust Baker Tilly?
    • We are a full-service organization addressing all their accounting and consulting needs - assurance, risk and advisory, tax and regulatory, corporate finance advisory and global knowledge services.
    • We have extended from execution to advisory services.
    • We have extended from services to solutions.
    • We have extended from being routine to being innovative.
    • We have evolved from ‘We will do what the client wants’ to ‘Let us do something more that will best serve the client’s interests.’
Why Do Clients Choose Baker Tilly?
    • We recognise that no two clients’ requirements are the same. Instead, we design solutions that fit specific client needs.
    • We don’t see ourselves as service providers. Instead, we see ourselves as business partners.
    • We don’t focus on purely transactional and commercial interactions. Instead, we seek to establish enduring client relationships.
    • Our client accounts are not managed by impersonal executives. Instead, we deploy dedicated professionals who provide personalised services.
    • Our client engagement is marked by more than just service. Instead, we uphold values like trust, reliability and transparency.